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Benefit Program for North Haven Citizens

Important Benefit Program for Citizens of the Town of North Haven

Today, many Americans are looking for the most effective ways to support and maintain their health through improving their nutrition. Town of North Haven has partnered with IDLife to assist you in identifying and meeting your nutritional needs by creating the Town of North Haven Non-Profit Program. Now you and your family can complete a free, confidential, HIPAA compliant Health and Nutritional Assessment in the privacy of your own home that will provide you a valuable report outlining lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to help you and your families achieve your best possible state of health. You may visit the Town of North Haven Non-Profit Program Website at to complete your free Health and Nutritional Assessment, receive your free report and review all the benefits this Program provides. The nutritional products available to you are made from natural and organic ingredients and are soy free, gluten free, casein free, lactose free, hormone free and are non-GMO.

And with any products you purchase, you will also be supporting essential services and programs provided to you and your family members by Town of North Haven. So please visit to obtain your free Individually Designed IDAssessment and view the many resources and products available to you through your Town of North Haven Non-Profit Program. And please remember that your future purchases will also support the community programs and services of the Town of North Haven.


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