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   North Haven Public Schools Transportation  

For information regarding bus routes, missed pickups, late buses, and lost articles, please contact M & J Bus Company at 203-624-0836. 


Be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to scheduled pickup time. 
Do not run to the bus.  Don’t be late to the bus stop.
Always stay on the sidewalk or 2 BIG steps back away from the curb.
Never walk behind the bus, always cross in front of the bus.
Sit facing forward and always keep your feet in front of the seat.  Stay seated!!!!
Never put any part of your body out of the windows.
Don’t eat, drink or chew gum on the bus, you could choke.
No smoking allowed on the bus.
Don’t throw things.  Someone could get hurt.
Don’t shout or scream, talk softly.
No bad language.
No Fighting, keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Never litter, write on or damage the bus.
When getting off the bus, go directly home.
Never go back to get anything you dropped near the bus.
  North Haven Public Schools Transportation Policies  

School Bus Safety Tips for Motorist, Parents and Children
by the Connecticut Department of Transportation

  Become a Part-time Bus Driver at M & J Bus, Inc.   

School District serving a particular home address

The North Haven School District has 4 elementary schools: Clintonville School, Green Acres School, Montowese School and Ridge Road School.  

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